RGA Chief Declares Independent Article as ‘Inaccurate’

Unibet casino review: The problem with gambling is its central focus around money. After all it is supposedly the root of all-evil? Cash is king and that is why gambling divides opinion so fervently. The latest division of opinion seems to come between The Independent and Clive Hawkswood, the Chief Executive of the Remote Gambling Association (RGA).

The Independent recently released an article suggesting that the UK online gambling industry is a booming £2bn business. A boom that is seeing the number of gambling addicts swell in direct proportion. It is reported that blanket advertising, and introductory bonus schemes, are contributing to a problem that has seen addicts double in size to almost half a million in just six years.

Hawkswood retaliated by declaring the content of the report as being both ‘inaccurate’ and ‘sensational’.  The CE declaring that there is no hard evidence that problem gambling – or even addiction – is on the rise, as The Independent suggests.

"Although it is something we have become accustomed to, it is always disappointing when a subject as serious as problem gambling is dealt with in such an inaccurate and sensationalist manner," he explained. "We should be very clear that there is no hard evidence that problem gambling, let alone addiction, is 'soaring'.  The figures used refer to the results of the last UK Prevalence Study from 2010 so it is hardly new research. The Gambling Commission said it may be a blip rather than an upward trend and of the two measures used it stated that one showed a change that is not statistically relevant and the other was at the margins of statistical relevance. However, even if there has been a slight increase, there is absolutely nothing to show that it is as a result of online gambling." Said Hawkswood.


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